Rifton Gait Tranier

Friday, January 29, 2010

At her physical therapy sessions, Cayman has been getting familiar with this mobility device called the Rifton Gait Trainer.

While at first it looks a bit monstrous, it's actually quite amazing and I think Cayman looks so cool in it, like a big girl ready to discover her independence. It has been fun watching her experience an upright standing position.

She hasn't gained the understanding yet of how to push with her feet to propel it forward but already in the second week she appeared more calm and comfortable within its embracing harness. Progress is always in steps and already showing ease with such a new apparatus is a great accomplishment for Cayman from her usual reluctant, untrusting ways.

I think Cayman's most favorite part about the Gait Trainer is when she discovered it puts her in a better position and angle for grabbing Miss Jodi's hair. She has a terrible love for touching hair and I do believe I say the word "No" about 5,000 times a day, trying to break her habit of it because rarely is she gentle about it.

I have no idea why the sound is completely messed up but here is a little cell phone video snippet of Cayman taking the gait trainer for a spin.

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Cayman's Daddy said...

I think next week i'll be going to PT. :)

Kendra said...

She looks like such a little grown-up with the pig tails! I love the "thinking" picture. Too cute

Tyler said...

She looks so big standing in the gait trainer. I'm sure she will get the hang of it in no time and will be all over the place.

Diane, Tyler's mom

Tara said...

Big girl :) We have a gait trainer as well! And we LOVE ours! Thankfully insurance covered the full cost so that we have one at home! Standing and walking is our favorite part of the day! :) Good luck Cayman!!!

Lisa said...

Here is what confuses me about those gait trainers....

When Elisabeth was just a few months old we inherited one of those baby walkers from a friend. When Elisabeth's therapists saw it they said, 'no,no', and explained why they were bad for her development. So we got rid of it.

And then a few months ago they had a man from the medical supply store bring one of those gait trainers out when he came with the wheel chairs. Elisabeth had no idea what to do with it, she is no where ready for that yet. So we sent it back.

But still, it had me thinking, what's the difference between that and the baby walker? The idea behind both is to give the baby safety and support so that they can practice using their legs to propel themselves forward.

The only difference (that I can tell) is that one can be bought at Walmart for $39.99 and one is a few thousand dollars.

Anyways...that's just some thoughts that I have had about those. Do you have any idea why the gait trainer is different or better? Or am I even making sense??? lol

Also, I must mention a few other things.

I love her little tutu!!! She looks so pink and girly, I love it.

And her pigtails....darling. I cannot wait for Elisabeth's hair to grow in the back so that I can start styling it!

Now about Caymans curiosity with hair....you should buy her one of those big barbie heads at Toys are Us that are meant to be styled. She would probably love it. Maybe she's going to be a sylist someday...

Lisa said...

Holy Guacamole...that turned long! lol

Kristen said...


You make some very great points and I myself have pondered their differences.

Here's what I think the difference is:

The gait trainer's height can be changed. Most walkers don't have a tall enough level for a toddler because typically, most children are up and walking completely independently by then. So the gait trainer helps accommodate older, taller children.

Also, the harness on the gait trainer is more versatile. The saddle harness can be removed leaving just the harness around the upper torso so that way a child is not just "sitting" down into it but actually learning how to stand and move forward on their feet.

Now, I don't understand why a regular walker, like the ones at Walmart, would be bad for development. That doesn't make any sense to me. It's still giving our children the idea that they can get places with their feet.

Kristen said...

Oh and one more thing,

Your idea about the doll head is hilarious. I think Madison has one. Next time I'm at my parents' house I'll have her get it out and see what Cayman thinks of it. :)

Mary said...

Wow what an exciting time. Riley used a differnet sort of walker contraption. It was a harness that dangled I'll have to try to find a picture. We joked that it looked like a midevil torture devise. The cray things they do to our kiddos.

Carla said...

omg! is that a tutu?!?! its tutu cute! The pic of her resting her head on her hand got me to thinking that she wondering when its time for recess, or snack. I like the gait trainer, we just got a pony gait trainer for Little Man, it works on the same principle.

The Soldatke family said...

Love it!! I hope you guys are able to get one in your home! She will be cruising around in no time!! Way to go miss Cayman!

Lisa said...

I've noticed that several of the emails I have sent you in the past day or so have come back as undeliverable?? weird. Anyways, incase you didn't get the newest one, the 4-6 works great for us!

Joyce said...

Such a big girl. I don't see hair pulling, I see amazing trunk rotation. Love the tutu and pink crocs.

Sue said...

The piggy tails are the best...boy does that bring back memories of my 4!!

*Monica said...

Such a big girl! She looks amazing. Jack has a hair obsession as well, maybe we should get them together and they could groom each other like monkeys

Katie said...

you know what I just LOVE about this?

yes...cayman looking big and ready to explore her world, yes...that she is improving in so many ways, yes...she is a doll!

But that's not it.

Each and everytime I read your posts...Cayman's Daddy is amazing about responding, loving his daughter, and proudly supporting his awesome wife. WAY to go MIKE!!

I agree with Lisa. I understand your response, but I thought the same thing. Makes me even more determined to buy or borrow a walker for Lilah.

I love that I am learning so much from my blogging buddies.

I have another blogging friend, her daughter has a visual impairent too, and her daughter just had her first IEP meeting. I was so glad to read about her thoughts and experiences with it. She helped me prepare my own questions and thoughts as Lilah will also have an IEP. It warms my heart that we can help eachother SO much through our blogs. I believe that is what we are here for...positive upliftment for eachother. Man, look at what we just learned about gait trainers, Cayman, you, oh and Mike to :)


Grandma Cindy said...

That thing could fly on wood floors :o).
Cayman is adorable as usual!!!!

South Shore Chick said...

FABULOUS!!! We use the Gait Trainers in my multi-handicap classroom at our Jr High! Yay for Cayman!!! What a big girl!! Can't wait to see her in action the next time we're in your neck of the woods visiting Aunt Linda & Uncle Martin!!

Michelle said...

looking good cayman!! We actually have the same exact trainer, but it's purple and we don't have the cool tray. Owen never got much use out of it because the seat was too wide for his tiny legs - and the walker that I made him fit him much better. But it looks like cayman is right at home in hers so I'm thrilled to see her in it! She's going to be zooming in no time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm behind over here - Sorry, Kristen!

You know I LOVE learning to walk stories! She looked really good! I can see why Cayman's Daddy wants to be there for her next few steps.

You and Lisa are correct in seeing the similarities between baby walkers and gait trainers. You are exactly correct that size has a lot to do with the differences. I currently see a tiny one-y/o with whom a baby walker works just fine for now.

The photos on top of this post are really wonderful! I'm out of compliment-words for your photography! Barbara