Christmas Review, Part 1

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve was spent with the extended Stamm clan.

The three little Stamm girls...
CeCe, Cayman, and Sidney.
And check out Cayman's awesome standing!!
(she's leaning against the chair)

Opening gifts.

CeCe and Sidney "sword" fighting with their crayon banks.
No worries, nothing got broken.

A photo of Grandma Sue (Mike's mom) with her three girls.

And one with their Aunt Sam (Mike's sister).

There's little Cayman's hands up in the air, sneaking into the picture...

Ok, so I guess she didn't care about being in the picture. Cayman just wanted to pull the bow out of her hair.

It cracks me up the way Cayman is staring at her enormous crayon bank.

Princess CeCe.

Cousin Haley delivering a little goody bag to us.

CeCe hugged her snow globe closely as she hid far behind the chair in hopes everyone would forget about that present she opened during the family's Gift Grab game so it would not be stolen.

The adorable baby Anderson, the newest addition to the family.
{4 weeks old}

The traditional crazy shot.

But Remember, As Far As Anyone Knows We Are A Normal Family

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Anonymous said...

Love it!! And I love seeing new Anderson pictures!!! Cayman with her crayon bank is so cute...Olivia has a pink one!! And...she is standing so well...go Cayman and go Mom and Dad!!

Josephine said...

How fun! The giant crayons are super cool :) I LOVE the picture of Cayamn standing up in between her two cousins - absolutely ADORABLE!

Sheila Smith said...

Yay for fun Christmas pictures!

Tyler said...

It looks like a fun Christmas with the Stamm family. I love the picture where Cayman was trying to sneak in and then the following of 'I don't really care look' in the next picture.

I love the giant Crayon banks!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Tyler said...

Oh and I stole a Christmas idea from you. We got Tyler the Fisher Price Sing-along stage. I saw it in one of your posts and thought it would be great for Tyler. He LOVES it!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Molly said...

I think that picture of you and Mike SOOO encapsulates what having kids is about. It's like "here's a nice photo of us.. wait! small child sneaking into the frame!" heh.

Mary said...

Looks like fun for all. I love that the girls are sword fighting with the crayons.

Lisa said...

Is there such thing as a normal family??? lol

Great photos. My favorite is the second one. You just captured a completely natural moment and it turned out awesome.

Looks like the Stamm clan had a fabulous Christmas!

Can't wait to see more. :)

Anonymous said...

Looked like so much fun!

David said...


oh my gosh those are some large crayons.

don't feel bad that you haven't seen any movies on my worst list. consider yourself lucky!

Katie said...

SO cute. I just LOVE the pictures of your family. Seeing what you've done seems like I was there. Thanks for including me!

Amy J. said...

No way!!! Is that sweeet baby really named Anderson?!??! I love it! We have only ever heard of one other Anderson! You tell that sweet little baby boy that my 14 year old Anderson says it's the best name ever!

lisa w. said...

We Christmas caroled to Mike's grandma and I was amazed at how much space she had in her condo. The pictures just proved it! Looke like fun!