Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's Day gifts from Mike and Cayman

A bracelet that says "Life Is Good".

A wallet, that will bring simplicity and organization to me. Two things that I love!

The zip compartment has three pockets where I separated the credit cards, medical cards, and money from each other.

There's a back pocket for my cell phone.

The wallet is small making it easy to tuck inside of the diaper bag. The bright neon pink color makes it easy to find.

If I decide to not lug the whole bag into the store with me, I can take the wallet out and carry it as a purse with its adjustable strap.

It also has a small strap that is hooked to the wallet, giving it the handbag option. But that's not all. The straps are removable. There are two clips that make the wallet easy to attach a belt loop, keys, or any place on the diaper bag for a quick easy find.

There's an outside window pocket meant for your drivers license but I repurposed it to hold my wallet size photos instead.

Another gift was this "FAMILY" sign. It coordinates perfectly with my "SIMPLIFY" sign! I love word art!

My last gift was Ice Cream! But not just any ice cream...Graeter's.
It's simply the best ice cream ever made!! The chocolate chunks melt in your mouth right along with the ice cream! Yum!

In Columbus, Ohio we lived a short distance from their factory and went to their ice cream shop often. I have missed it since we moved from there in 2006. To my surprise, Mike came home delivering this pint to me.

"What?! Where?! How, is this possible?!" was my astonished reaction.

Turns out, our local grocery store stocks it!! Oh boy!!

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Cayman's Daddy said...

Hopefully this sweet post makes up for the "favorite shirt" that somehow found it's way into the dryer last night. I bet it looks even better on you now. ;) ;)

Love you Kristen!

Monica said...

Excellent gifts!!

Tyler said...

Mike and Cayman get a thumbs up!! I love the wallet and the ice cream sounds delicious..yum..yum!!

Diane, Tyler's mom

Josephine said...

What lovely thoughtful gifts :) And why have I never heard of this ice cream??? Sounds DELICIOUS!

The Soldatke family said...

Wow, I really like that wallet! I carry one that's similar, but not quite as small or awesome! Hope you had a great mom's day!

Grandma S said...

And did Cayman like the ice cream?

Kristen said...

Cayman loved the ice cream!! She had eaten a lot at supper and was slowing down on her bites, but boy was she ready to eat more when Mike brought out the ice cream! :-)

Angie said...

That wallet is adorable! Where did they get it? I really need a new one. Love your gifts!! I'm glad you had a wonderful mothers day :)

Kristen said...


The wallet is called Purse Plus, I think made by Charm 14. Mike bought it at the restaurant Bob Evans in their little gift shop area. It comes in lots of other colors too.

Lisa said...

That wallet is great! I imagine that it would be the perfect wallet to have when travelling....I'll have to keep that in mind...I am hoping to start travelling again one of these days. Donald and I are hoping to take the girls to England in 2012....more on that later :)

I too love word art.

Great job to Mike and Cayman for putting on such a great mothers day!

Angie said...

Thanks Kristin :) I'll have to check it out. Thanks for adding me to your blog list - I check yours daily and have been throughout my pregnancy. It's been so awesome having all these awesome blogs to check on to see how other babies with hydro are doing :)

Aunt Sam said...

Graters Ice Cream is AMAZING!! you should come visit you can go to the Graters Factory again!! haha.

Sarah M said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Those gifts are great and perfect for you! Good job Mike and Cayman.

Anonymous said...

What lovely gifts!

Kendra said...

Which grocery store???? I've only had Graeters once, but I was hooked, and NEED some! You just made my day.

Sheila Smith said...

Kristin, had to laugh at your Grater's Ice cream story on Mother's Day. I have a friend at work whose family is from OH and he always loves to eat it when he's there. THEN I found out that his mother-in-law SHIPS it to him from Ohio every year all the way to San Francisco for his birthday! Yes, that ice cream has made quite the impession around the world! Enjoy! (What am I saying, i'm sure it's all gone already....) :)