More Visitors to Meet Cayman

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday March 16th
Cayman had more visitors today:

  • my mom and dad
  • my two sisters (Stacey and Madison)
  • my Aunt Carol & Uncle Paul
  • my Grandma
  • my Great Aunt Betty
  • our friends Nick & Valerie
It's been a lot of fun having so many visitors...a bit exhausting, but still fun!

Cayman has us a bit worried right now. We talked to the nurse around 9 p.m. and she said that Cayman has extra edema (swelling). We went over to the hospital to check on her and find out exactly what is going on. They said that swelling like this can be from different things
  • a blood clot
  • the shunt isn't working right
  • or just from having surgery
Her vitals are still really great, other than her heart rate was up a bit at one point, so the nurse gave her some more medicine to help her relax since she suspects Cayman is feeling uncomfortable with all the swelling. So they're keeping a close eye on her. This is unfortunately setting her back a bit on getting the ventilator (breathing tube) out sooner. It probably won't be tomorrow and maybe not even the next day. She's been on the ventilator since last monday!! We're ready to see that huge tube be gone!! She is breathing some on her own. And they took her off the morphine drip today and now are only giving her doses every 4 hours. So if we can just get this swelling gone, the ventilator out, and get her eating we can go home. But we have no idea how long all of that will take. It could be just another week....or it could be months. Please just say an extra prayer for our baby.

She had her first poo-poo today. Mike and I were so excited that we just so happen to be there for Uncle Paul was there too. A joke was made that he scared the crap out of her. Since they aren't feeding her orally (only through an IV), there is nothing going through her system to have pushed the poop through...that is why it took so long for her to poopy.

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samantha said...

I get to see you all in a few hrs!! YAY!! :):) so...did her poo smell like Michigan?? haha. love you! :):)

Donald, Lisa, and Co. said...

ahhhh..the first poopy diaper! That's one for the baby book :)